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The late Richard Tomlinson’s award winning work has been exhibited at The Museum of Television and Radio, The Society of Illustrators, The Art Directors Club, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Syracuse University, and at Rutgers University Law Library where it is on loan for permanent exhibition. Tomlinson’s extensive trial credits include the Black Panther 21, David ‘Son of Sam’ Berkowitz, and the trials of Robert Chambers, Abscam, Jack Henry Abbott, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Jean Harris, Bernhard Goetz, and John Gotti He was featured in Art In America, New York Newsday, and Illustrators in America. His entire collection of courtroom art has been acquired by the John Jay School of Criminal Justice.

Author note: On top of covering major historic NYC cases and trials, Richard Tomlinson was always drawing in court, whether it was for the news or not. He was inspired by many things, a typewriter, a stenographer, a generic court scene, 
in one case he used a court stamp to add interest
to his drawing. Below are drawings that have never been published before, scenes that Richard found compelling. 
Court stenographer: Black Panther trial 1970

Un-named participants during Black Panther trial 1970

Print of items in the press room at 100 Centre Street, Manhattan Criminal Court 1984
Courtroom scene with stamps 7/11/1985

Court Stenographer: Alice Crimmins trial 

Typewriter  in press room 1970

Un-named defendant 1989

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