Monday, March 24, 2014

Madoff Employees found Guilty of all charges

From the Wall Street Journal
Computer programmers Jerome O'Hara, 51 years old, and George Perez, 48, were convicted in federal court in Manhattan of creating phony customer accounts, while portfolio managers Annette Bongiorno, 66, and JoAnn Crupi, 53, were convicted of concocting phony trading records. Daniel Bonventre, 67, a former operations director for Mr. Madoff, helped gin up false books and records, the jury found.

Courtroom deputy Lisa Ng reads verdict while the court stenographer records, as the prosecution team, looks on.
Artwork by Elizabeth Williams

Defendants seated while jury verdict is read by courtroom deputy, 
Joann Crupi seated left with clasped hands and Annette Bongiorno seated right in tan chair 

From Bloomberg story by Erik Larson( Larson covered the trial for 5 months)

U.S. District Judge Laura Taylor Swain, who oversaw the trial, ruled that the ex-employees may remain free on bail until sentencing and must wear electronic monitors. Bongiorno and Bonventre are set to be sentenced on July 28; Crupi and O’Hara on July 29 and Perez on July 30. The defendants face as many as 20 years in prison on the most serious count of securities fraud.
Some of the defendants lowered their heads as the verdict was read. Crupi clasped her hands while Bongiorno wrote on the verdict sheet, nodding as each count was read. The jury was comprised of eight women and three men.

Bloomberg juror story by Patty Hurtado and Erik Larson. 

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