Monday, March 17, 2014


UPDATE one of the Jurors was excused because of an illness, and now the jury is deliberating
with just 11 jurors.

Today after 5 months,  the jury in the trial of Bernard Madoff's secretary, his director of operations, an account manager and two computer programmers, began deliberating. Over 40 witnesses testified in a trial of remarkable size and scope. Several unusual aspects to the trial:
·         2 defendants testified in their own defense
·         the trial took place in the same courtroom where Bernard Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison
·         The judge in the case, kept a very collegial  atmosphere, and lawyers conferred upon objections, working out their differences far away from the eyes and ears of the jury in the giant ceremonial courtroom, only on occasion did the judge need to rule.
·         one of the defendants was given a special chair to make it easier to sit through out the long drawn out case
·         Star witness Frank DiPascali testified on the stand for 14 days, which spanned from 2013 into 2014.

Reuters story about jury deliberations

Below are some select images from the trial that touch upon some key moments during the 5 month trial
AUSA Matthew Schwartz gives opening statement October 16, 2013

USA Today story link about opening statements

Defense table, defendants with attorneys in ceremonial courtroom Manhattan Federal Court 
Defense Attorney Larry Krantz cross examines Frank DiPascali
 USA Today story link about DiPascali testimony

AUSA Randall Jackson cross examines defendant Daniel Bonventre

Defense attorney Roland Riopelle questions his client and defendant Annette Bongiorno

Daniel Bonventre seated far left with defense team, conferring, before trial.

AUSA Randall Jackson gives closing statement ( far right) with defense table left
prosecution table, right. 

Judge Laura Taylor Swain

All Artwork by Elizabeth Williams 

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