Sunday, March 23, 2014

Iran-Contra Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh Dies At 102 -

Iran-Contra Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh Dies At 102 -

The Iran Contra case is featured in the upcoming book, The Illustrated Courtroom .  Below is a rare depiction  of the independent prosecutor Lawrence Walsh in the courtroom during the Iran Contra proceedings.  Though Walsh was the special prosecutor pursuing the investigation and prosecution of the case,  he rarely made a court appearance.  One key issue for Walsh was whether Ronald Reagan would testify at the trials and indeed he did at the John Poindexter trial; a battle Walsh finally won. Images from that trial with Reagan giving his televised testimony  are featured in the book
All artwork by Aggie Kenny

Iran Contra story from the New York Times

Lawrence Walsh and Judge Gerhard Gesell during Iran Contra court proceeding by Aggie Kenny

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