Sunday, March 9, 2014


Tonight (Sunday) at 9pm EST, 
CNN will air the first in a series of ground breaking documentaries 
produced by Robert Redford and  Alex Gibney, narrated by Susan Sarandon titled 
Death Row Stories.
The show includes images by Aggie Kenny as they were created.
Here are her recollections and insights in to the process of working on the show. 

I was given the task of recreating scenes from the 1982 and 1995 trials of Edward Elmore as well as the  4th  Circuit Appellate hearing before a 3 judge panel. Starting with blank, white watercolor paper, cameras were trained on my drawing and painting process for many hours. Although I was given photo reference, this experience was very different from that in thecourtroom, my normal venue. Although subjects are in constant motion in the courtroom, I find drawing from life much easier. Points of reference, gesture, color, clothes, etc. are thereto draw, whereas recreations require more imagination and research. AK

Edward Elmore on the stand, recreated by Aggie Kenny

For more information on the show,
CNN link 

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  1. I just saw this Monday morning BUT I set the DVR for the series Sunday. Now even more excited to see it! Congratulations Aggie.