Thursday, August 8, 2013

SON OF SAM arrest 36 years ago August 1977

David Berkowitz and his adoptive father, Nathan by Richard Tomlinson
Interesting to see the photo and  Richard Tomlinson's drawing, how he captured Berkowtiz's  distinctive  profile
Thirty six years ago after the largest manhunt in New York history, David Berkowitz was arrested without incident outside his apartment on August 10, 1977. As he was being taken into custody he mildly said, "Well, you got me. How come it took you such a long time?"

This was a huge news story not only in New York City, but the country. Both Aggie Kenny and Richard Tomlinson covered the story. 
Posted are some never before published illustrations from the arraignment and subsequent hearing of Berkowitz. There are many more included in the upcoming book, the Illustrated Courtroom : 50 Years of Court Art.
"Son of Sam" David Berkowitz Arraignment in Brooklyn Criminal Court by Aggie Kenny
Note Berkowitz was given a jacket to wear during his court appearance, something that is not done today.
Defendants appear in court today, in all manner of dress.

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