Thursday, August 1, 2013


After 2 and 1/2 days of jury deliberations the jury came in with a verdict that found the defendant, Fabrice Tourre libel on the majority of counts.
From the Wall Street Journal
The panel of nine jurors found Mr. Tourre liable on six of seven claims that he violated federal securities law by intentionally misleading investors. The jurors also determined he had aided and abetted an alleged fraud by Goldman.
Wall Street Journal Chad Bray story link
Also the Japan TV station NHK did a story about the trial
link below.

He hardly flinched this afternoon, when the verdict was read by the court deputy.
Fabrice Tourre during reading of the verdict by Joe Pecorino the courtroom deputy.
The artist are not  allowed to draw a recognizable jury, so they are a blur. 

When the jury's note in the morning indicated they were leaning toward a decision not in his favor, he became more visibly concerned. ( below)
Fabrice Tourre after the morning note from the jury was read by the judge, which indicated they were leaning toward a libel verdict. He was downcast and pensive, which was unusual because during the deliberations, he was chatting and talking with his lawyers and their staff, lots of friendly interactions.

Also Michael Santoro a professor from Rutgers University attended almost every day of the trial and has a blog about the case.
Michael Santoro blog

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