Monday, August 26, 2013

Sean Bell Illustrations for WABC/ Reporter NJ Burkett at the John Jay School of Criminal Justice

The John Jay School of Criminal Justice acquired the complete collection of the illustrations from the Sean Bell trial drawn by Elizabeth Williams for WABC News with reporter NJ Burkett . Burkett and Williams covered the entire trial which ran from late February 2008 through April 2008. It was a contentious and challenging case. It focused on the aftermath of a bachelor party that ended in the shooting death of Bell involving three NYPD officers, two of whom were black. All officers were acquitted of any criminal charges. One of the officers, Gescard Isnora was eventually departmentally fired.
To view the works,
one can now contact John Jay and the school has the works available for any interested party.
Sean Bell John Jay School Link
Elizabeth Williams collection information

Sean Bell trial,
Gescard Isnora attorney Anthony Riccio,
cross examination of Joseph Guzman
Link to YouTube video of Sean Bell Trial illustrations.

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  1. This is great! Reportage art gets its due respect, and the drawings are so worthy.