Wednesday, July 17, 2013

FABULOUS FAB TRIAL, Paolo Pellegrini continued

Today continued the testimony of Paolo Pellegrini, who was involved in the CDO deal in question and ended up making 20 million dollars from that deal.  He sparred with the SEC lawyer during most of his testimony, and must have caused a few reporters to get a hand cramp, they were writing so furiously. At one point during his testimony I heard someone gasp from the audience.  The jury did not sleep today.

From the New York Times
Barely veiled contempt colored many of the exchanges between Mr. Pellegrini and Mr. Martens. When the S.E.C. lawyer asked the witness to find a particular section of a document, Mr. Pellegrini leaned back in his chair, casually sipped from a cup of water, and drily asked, “Do you mind locating it for me?”

New York Times story:
NYT Pellegrini testimony story link
Paolo Pellegrini on stand 

SEC Lawyer Matthew Martens questioning Paolo Pellegrini

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