Thursday, July 25, 2013

FABULOUS FAB Day 9 Tourre on the stand continued.....

Today Fabrice Tourre took the stand at trial. For most of the day he was questioned by Matthew Martens from the SEC. He again was very animated and had a range of expressions, which mixed with his French accent, made his testimony interesting to watch. Once his attorney had a chance to ask him questions, he became a bit more controlled, which made him easier to draw.
One of my favorite little details in this courtroom, is from the window you can see the Manhattan Bridge. A visual reminder of the trial's location.

From the Bloomberg story
Love notes, a French song parody and a winking emoticon were used by a government lawyer trying to show that Fabrice Tourre, the former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) vice president facing civil fraud claims over a failed $1 billion investment, lied to participants in the deal.

From the Bloomberg Bob Vanvoris story
Bloomberg Tourre Testimony story.
Fabrice Tourre questioned by his lawyer Pamela Chipega

From the New York Times:
At his trial Thursday, the jury saw another side of him as his legal team worked to rehabilitate his image.
“I am here to tell the truth and clear my name,” he said to his lawyer Pamela Chepiga after she asked him why he was sitting in a courtroom in Lower Manhattan.
New York Times Susanne Craig Story link

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