Friday, July 19, 2013

FABULOUS FAB TRIAL Day 5 Gail Kreitman former Goldman Sachs employee

Today Gail Kreitman a former saleswoman at Goldman Sachs testified about her understanding of Paulson's role in the deal at issue.  She was very engaged with the jury at the beginning of her testimony telling them about her humble beginnings and her family background. She continues her testimony on Monday.
from the Wall Street Journal
“As part of her testimony, the SEC is expected to play a tape recorded by ACA’s phone system in which Ms. Kreitman reportedly says that Paulson was taking a “hundred percent of the equity” in the deal, implying it was betting the instrument’s value would rise, not fall.” 
That tape was played and below is a pic of the transcript with Tourre and his defense team, 
who were clearly not happy about the tape ending the week's testimony.

More about today's testimony from 
Bob Vanvoris @ Bloomberg:

Gail Kreitman former Goldman Sachs saleswoman on the stand
Fabrice Tourre with defense team with transcript of  Gail Kreitman call 

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