Monday, July 29, 2013

FABULOUS FAB TRIAL: Both sides rest

Today at the trial of Fabrice Tourre, we were all in a bit surprised to learn that the defense was not going to call any witnesses.  So after the SEC rested their case, Mr. Tourre's lawyer, John "Sean" Coffey stood up and said "the defense rests".
Tomorrow is closing statements and then the following day is jury instructions.
From the New York Times
The decision to rest, after more than two weeks of testimony and 11 witnesses called by the Securities and Exchange Commission, highlighted the confidence that Mr. Tourre’s lawyers have in their fight against the lawsuit by the government.

NYT Fabrice Tourre trial story link

Fabrice Tourre seated with his lawyers, the last day of testimony, which comprised of a video tape deposition of Michael Nartley. Today I was able to get a different viewpoint in the courtroom, while the key players were looking at the large screen. Got a chance to get the juxtaposition of Tourre against the background of the jury, which  I am not allowed to draw, so they look like they are seated in a mist. EW

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