Saturday, June 30, 2012


Today in Manhattan Federal Court Peter Madoff the younger brother of Bernard Madoff pled guilty.

Peter Madoff Plea
Madoff swearing to truth of his statement
with his attorney John Wing, who had a broken arm.

His demeanor changed during the hearing from somewhat agitated to what appeared weepy and remorseful.
Peter Madoff is out on a 5M dollar bail until sentencing. He was lucky that his fate was unlike his brother, who when he pleaded guilty was cuffed and sent off to prison. There is a door on the side of the courtroom that leads to a holding cell and that is where Bernard Madoff began his 150 year jail sentence.

Youtube video of the Bernard Madoff plea and others

Peter Madoff after reading statement  to Judge Swain by Elizabeth Williams

Judge Laura Taylor Swain took the plea and was very careful to explain to Mr Madoff the rights he would give up by pleading guilty. She set the sentence date for October 4th.

story link    Peter Madoff plea

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