Friday, June 8, 2012

GUPTA TRIAL DAY THIRTEEN Prosecution Rests, Defense Begins

Today after Lloyd Blankfein took the stand and the prosecution presented some records they rested their case.
Then the defense began and  put on the stand two witnesses one a very quick character witness and then a taped deposition of a Berkshire Hathaway exec who knew Gupta. Gupta told him about Raj scamming him out of his investment in a Galleon fund.
We also learned at the end of the day , that Rajat Gupta is likely to take the stand in his defense. The judge  mentioned it in an off hand manor while discussing some details of the case with the lawyers after the jury had left. The courtroom was pretty empty and I could not believe what I heard,  then he said it again. So I turned around and checked with the reporter sitting behind me and he nodded, yes. It was quite a surprise.
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Rajat Gupta Defense Begins

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