Monday, June 4, 2012

GUPTA TRIAL DAY TEN Kumar and Blankfein

Anil Kumar and Lloyd Blankfein took the stand today.

In the afternoon Lloyd Blankfein took the stand. Interesting little detail about Blankfein, while the lawyers were conferring with the judge at a side bar, he found a little rubber band and I noticed him playing with it .  So I got that in a drawing. He noticed I was drawing him fidgeting and put his hand down with the rubber band, and smiled.

 Anil Kumar finished up his testimony and Blankfein began his. Gary Naftalis crossed Kumar for about 2 hours. No taped conversations were played in comparison to the testimony that Kumar gave at Rajaratnam trial, which amounted to quite a few tapes being played and probably sealing Rajaratnam's fate.

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