Monday, January 25, 2016

Knoedler Gallery Trial Begins. Opening Statements by Emily Reisbaum

Knoedler Gallery Trial Begins: Today marks the first day of the long-awaited Knoedler & Company fakes case, wherein the venerable gallery knowingly or not sold more than 30 forgeries as genuine Pollocksde Koonings, and various other masters. In fact, the works were painted by a Chinese immigrant living in Queens. “It’s a unique opportunity for a public hearing of the machinations of the art world, which are usually very discreet,” said Nicholas M. O’Donnell, an art lawyer in Boston. 

Emily Reisbaum gives her opening in the Knoedler art fraud trial. Her client Dominico De Sole seated right, Ann Freedman sits left. During the opening a slide was shown of the fake Rothko.
New York Times story link

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