Friday, January 15, 2016


Mailman vs. GM: New York jury hears 1st federal trial over automaker's ignition switches: ASSOCIATED PRESS

NEW YORK (AP) — In the first trial of its kind, a Manhattan jury listened Tuesday as a lawyer for an Oklahoma man blamed his client's injuries in a 2014 crash on a General Motors' faulty ignition switch before a GM attorney countered that the switch was not to blame.

"Where else can a mailman from Oklahoma go toe-to-toe with a car company called General Motors and have his day in court?" Robert Hilliard asked.( pictured)
He recounted numerous people killed in accidents blamed on defective switches and blamed GM for its slow response.
"There was plenty of notice and opportunity for General Motors to make what was a 25-cent fix," he said.
In the opening statement, Mr. Brock argued that Mr. Scheuer, a postal worker, had a long history of back pain that preceded the accident, stemming from an industrial accident in 1988. He also showed a hospital discharge report from the day after the accident that said: “No obvious injuries from his motor vehicle collision” and “history of chronic pain management.”
Mr. Brock also argued that testing by G.M. showed that Mr. Scheuer’s key could not have accidentally turned if he had, as he said, taken it off the key chain. He said that Mr. Scheuer had claimed that he did not lose his power steering or power brakes while going off the road. He added that under the circumstances of the accident, Mr. Scheuer’s airbag should not have deployed.

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