Sunday, February 1, 2015

Etan Patz murder trial begins 35 years after 'milk carton boy' disappeared

Etan Patz murder trial begins 35 years after 'milk carton boy' disappeared 


Decades after New York boy went missing on his way to school, ushering in an anxious new world for American parents, his alleged killer goes on trial

The courtroom in the New York supreme court, located just a mile from the Soho neighborhood where Patz went missing, was packed throughout the dramatic account. It was the opening gambit in a trial that prosecutors hope will finally bring resolution to a case that has foiled the city for almost four decades.
Wide shot of the courtroom with image on the screen of the bodega as it was in 1979 when Patz went missing. Hernandez allegedly killed Patz in the basement of the bodega, luring him in with the promise of a soda.  

Assistant DA Joan Illuzzi  Orbon gives opening statement in Manhattan Criminal Court. 
Assistant district attorney Joan Illuzzi-Orbon pointed to the defendant, Pedro Hernandez, who sat motionless a few feet away from her. As Stan Patz, the boy’s father, listened intently, she told the jury what Hernandez himself had said to detectives in a videotaped interview two years ago.

Hernandez, who is border line schizophrenic and retarded,  is brought into court handcuffed, the court officer removes the cuffs before the jury comes into court.

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