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Q&A with AP's Linda Deutsch - LA Observed> Manson highlighted

Q&A with AP's Linda Deutsch at the Board of Supes - LA Observed
Bill Robles worked alongside Linda Deutsch for many years, starting with the Manson trial. Her experiences at the Manson trial and more are highlighted in the link above.

Below is a sampling of  Bill's artwork from the Manson trial.
More about his experiences at that trial are in  the book: The Illustrated Courtroom: 50 Years of Court Art
Link to the book website:

Charles  Manson giving the infamous
“Manson stare” from the witness stand; a look observed by Bill Robles, Howard
Brodie, assistant district attorney Bugliosi and all in Manson’s sight line.  (Illustration: Bill Robles)

In August 1970, medical examiner Dr. Thomas T. Noguchi explained to the jury his diagrams of the Tate residence victims’ wounds. He showed a diagram of the 51 stab wounds and 7 head blows received by Abigail Folger’s lover Voytek Frykowski. While Dr. Noguchi told the jury what brought on death for the victims, Robles recalls, “the girls were chattering away, totally oblivious. Then they would stand up and go ‘Sieg Heil’ or whatever because Manson did it and they’d follow. He must have told them what to do through signals because they always, always mimicked him.  (Illustration: Bill Robles)

After the verdicts and while waiting to hear
if he would be executed for his crimes, Manson shaved his head. Defendants Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten (left to right) then 
followed suit in a show of solidarity.
 Against their lawyers’ advice, the women
wanted to testify that they and not Manson planned and committed the murders. 

(Illustration:Bill Robles)

Being led past the podium, Susan Atkins grabbed some of prosecutor
Vincent Bugliosi’s papers and tore them before he could grab them back. Some
news reports said he took a swing at her; something Judge Older called
absolutely false. Bugliosi wrote in his book “Helter Skelter” that he
involuntarily muttered “You little bitch” under his breath, nothing more.
(Illustration: Bill Robles)

Delorean Trial with Linda Deutsch by Elizabeth Williams

Below is a drawing of Linda Deutsch, at the Delorean trial, seated behind Delorean's former wife Cristina Ferrare. Linda is seated far left, with the red press tag.

Cristina Ferrare often sat alongside her
friend Margaret Weitzman, wife of DeLorean’s
attorney Howard Weitzman, or Cristina’s mother, Renata,. This drawing shows Cristina awaiting the verdict; to many surprised observers Delorean was  found not guilty. (Illustration: Elizabeth Williams)

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