Monday, December 1, 2014

Bill Robles' LAX Poster Mystery

An unknown poster by court artist Bill Robles came to light with an email to Bill requesting  information about a  poster. The person  purchased the LAX poster from an estate sale and was curious about the image. Bill requested a  photo of the poster and confirmed that the illustration was done for a 1969 annual report cover.  It came as a complete shock to Bill as he never knew the piece of artwork had been turned into a poster.
1969 Annual report cover by Bill Robles

Bill said "Needless to say, seeing the poster, I was blown away! Nobody at the Dept. of Airports ever told me that it was also going to be used as a poster promoting LAX! As it turned out, the owners of the poster have a charming book store in Covina, and they were going to sell it along with other items from their inventory at an upcoming Pasadena book fair.As you can imagine, I had to have it!”

"Can you imagine, the poster is 45 years old, and in mint condition, and I am so thrilled to have it!"

Unknown LAX poster from the same artwork above, by Bill Robles

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