Thursday, June 13, 2013

APPLE eBOOK Anti-Trust Trial Eddy Cue, Cross and Redirect

Wide Shot Eddy Cue, VP of Apple on the stand 
DOJ Attorney Lawrence Buterman cross examining Mr Cue  
Today at the Apple trial VP Eddy Cue( the architect of the Apple eBooks) took the stand.
Here is the latest trial story link
Bloomberg Eddy Cue story

Also few other interesting details emerged like

  • Apple thought that half of Amazon's E book count,( 200K books) were self published, I thought that was amazing showing the power of self publishing today.
  • A student, Sethh Humphrey emailed Apple/Steve Jobs chiding him for the increase in prices of eBooks and Jobs actually replied, another detail I thought pretty amazing.
  • Eddy Cue when asked (in a lighter moment)  if he had a picture of a board meeting, he replied "no pictures of  board meetings, just like the courtroom". The court reporter who was facing me looked up and smiled, I smiled back. Yes, there are pictures in federal court, just not photos:) yet.

Apple attorney Orin Snyder from Gibson Dunn, questioning Mr Cue,
lawyers are seated in the jury box,
because this is a bench trial 

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