Monday, March 25, 2013


left to right: AUSA David Massey, defense lawyer Vinoo Varghese, defendant Rengan Rajaratnam 
Today Raj Rajaratnam's brother was arraigned on charges of insider trading. When I covered the Raj trial Rengan's name would come up and sometimes his photo was shown. When I finally saw him in person  it was surprising  how different he looked than the photo I saw at trial. He is much smaller than his brother, and does not look much like Raj at all.

Today was his first appearance. Judge Buchwald was assigned the case, David Massey is the Assistant US Attorney and Rengan's lawyer is Vinoo Varghese. The judge seeing these names for the first time, instead of attempting to pronounce them,  referred to Rengan Rajaratnam as Mr RR and his lawyer as Mr VV. Admittedly took me a while to learn how to say Raj Rajaratnam's name and spell it too.

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