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Update April 5, 2013
note below states that this hearing was held in the same courtroom where Martha Stewart was tried  9 year ago. As a complete coincidence Mathew Martoma just replaced Charles Stillman with one of the defense lawyers from the Martha Stewart case, Richard Strassberg who was Peter Bacanovic's lawyer. 
Below is a link to the NYT story about the switch. 
NYT Peter Lattman story

Today in Manhattan Federal Court in the same courtroom where the Cannibal Cop is being tried,  was a hearing regarding one of the largest cases involving insider trading in history. Mathew Martoma was a trader who allegedly  illegally used tips from a doctor  who was in charge of monitoring an Alzheimer’s drug tests to make millions of dollars. 
Today his defense attorney was granted more time by Judge Gardephe to review the 4 millions pages of documents he has received from the government. 
The judge granted his request, and the next hearing date is in June. 
Bloomberg Patty Hurtado Story:
Bloomberg Martoma Story

Charles Stillman defense attorney for Mathew Martoma speaking during court

After the hearing was over the Charles Stillman went off the record to tell the judge that he had first been in this particular courtroom 54 years ago working on the Buffalino case.
This was also the same courtroom where Martha Stewart was tried. As a complete coincidence she was across the street testifying in a civil trial at 60 Centre St. 

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