Thursday, March 17, 2016

iPad sketches delivered live from the courtroom: Seattle Sketcher Gabriel Campanario

iPad sketches delivered live from the courtroom: Seattle Sketcher

On Tuesday, I put on a courtroom-sketcher hat. I headed down to the federal courthouse in Tacoma for the opening statements of State Auditor Troy Kelley’s trial.

My day as a courtroom sketcher provided a great opportunity to merge old and new media. I drew on my iPad Air 2 using a Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus and the drawing app ProCreate, which automatically generated the replay video you can see at the top of this post. I also brought a regular sketch pad, but I chose to sketch digitally in order to do live tweets during the trial. The courtroom had wi-fi but I simply relied on connecting my iPad to my iPhone hotspot to have Internet access.

State Auditor Troy Kelley, right, looks down towards the computer monitor that displays a slide being presented to the jury by one of his attorneys. by Gabriel Campanario

Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Friedman makes opening remarks as State Auditor Troy Kelley frowns and listens. by Gabriel Campanario

The defense asked for a mistrial but the judge denied the Gabriel Campanario

The federal courtroom where I made these sketches felt very solemn. A space where law rulings are made calls for that kind of environment. Stone walls, high ceilings and stately wooden furniture contributed to that feeling of respectability. Technology was visible, too. Every seat had its own flat screen connected to an even larger screen located across the jury box. A golden seal with the words United States District Court, Western District of Washington, appeared on the monitors before the trial started.

After the trial was adjourned for the day, I took a few more minutes to flesh out some sketches before emailing them to the newsroom for the print edition.

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