Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dewey Leboeuf Trial: Courtroom Art Summary

Joel Sanders, Stephen DiCarmine and Steven Davis during the early part of trial, during Thomas Mullikin's testimony.

Joel Sander's attorney Andrew Frisch cross examination of Thomas Mullikin

Key witness Frank Canellas on direct examination by ADA Pierce Moser
Frank Canellas cross examination by Elkan Abramowitz

Defense table during closing statements

Austin Campriello closing statement with associate Anne Redcross
Defense attorney Elkan Abramowitz closing statement.

Andrew Frisch closing statement with defense team Jasmine Juteau,
Cesar de Castro and defendant Joel Sanders

ADA Piece Moser closing statement with staff and defense table

Defense table, latter part of trial

Jury with Judge Robert Stolz

Press during summations and jury instructions

Press during 18th day of deliberations

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