Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dewey Trial comes to a close: Homage to the Press UPDATE

After 19 days of deliberations and the longest in Manhattan Criminal Court, 
the press, still presses on. Some new reporters arrive, some take shifts and some are sitting through the long slog of the jury deliberations. Below is an updated picture of the press corps.
Left to Right, Matthew Goldstein (NY Times), Sara Randazo (WSJ), Stewart Bishop and Max Stendahl ( Law 360), Joseph Ax ( Reuters), Christine Simmons ( American Lawyer) and Chris Dolmetsch ( Bloomberg )

After over 4 months, the trial of Steven Davis, Stephen DiCarmine and Joel Sanders comes to a close. The jury selection began late April. On top of the ever present attorneys, their teams, defendants and their families, the press (particularly some that are very focused upon legal news) have been omnipresent. 
For those readers who have followed and read about this trial daily, below is an image of your source of information. The reporters from Law 360, American Lawyer, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times are pictured below. For months they listened to hours of evidence and testimony, distilled down the key points and wrote their stories in the un-air conditioned courthouse hallways of the summer.  
They will be there when the verdict is read, awaiting the jury's decision every day.
Left to right: Nell Gluckman (AM Law), Stewart Bishop (Law 360), Sara Randazzo( Wall Street Journal)
Matthew Goldstein ( The New York Times) note: click on the image to see it larger

Dewey defense table ( below).

 Left to Right: Joel Sanders, defense counsel Cesar de Castro, Elkan Abramowiz( foreground)Stephen DiCarmine, Jasmine Juteau,( foreground) , Austin Campriello, Steven Davis, Anne Redcross and Amanda Bassen , of Mr Sander's defense team. note: click on an image to see it larger

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