Tuesday, June 23, 2015

NY DAILY NEWS: Swedish woman details first alleged sexual encounter with Wall Street CEO she is suing for $850M

The Swedish stunner who has sued her former Wall Street boss for $850 million shared the awful details Monday of their first alleged sexual encounter.
Hanna Bouveng, 25, cried as she spoke of how “useless” she felt after finally giving in to New York Global Group CEO Benjamin Wey’s relentless advances in December 2013.
“He put his arm around me and kissed me on the neck. He stood up and grabbed my hand, we walked into the bedroom,” Bouveng sobbed. “I felt so used and weak.”
Wey denies ever having sex with Bouveng and says he is the victim of extortion.
Hanna Bouveng on the stand in Manhattan Federal Court. Benjamin Wey seated far left. Bouveng described websites set up to defame her and being stalked by Wey in Sweden.
Illustration by Elizabeth Williams
Link to the restraining order

Swedish bombshell Hanna Bouveng told a jury Tuesday that her former Wall St. boss had smeared her name and ruined friendships with his bizarre online articles and emails labeling her a prostitute and drug addict.
In an email Benjamin Wey allegedly sent to one of Bouveng’s friends, the New York Global CEO said his former employee had sex with a man with sexually transmitted diseases.
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  1. Financier Benjamin Wey reacted accordingly after a failed extortion on his family. I would have done the same thing hitting the gold digger.

  2. Hanna and her law team were awarded $18 million because Mr. Wey was clearly the guilty one. We celebrate for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!