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Memorial Day is so much more than the backyard barbeque. It is a day when we honor those who have served our county. Below are images from the artists in the Illustrated Courtroom book, who
over the years have drawn various MOS:  Military, FDNY, NYPD.

 Howard Brodie drew countless war scenes for Yank Magazine and served in WW2. 
Many of his war drawings are in the Library of Congress.
Howard was also the subject of a great documentary about war artists titled They Drew Fire.
Below is a link about Howard and the PBS film.

Howard Brodie drawing of Guadalcanal  from the Library of Congress

Aggie Kenny drew 9/11 Responders searching for victims at Ground Zero in the months after the attack on the World Trade Centers. Her artwork was shown at the New York City Police Museum, and traveled to the US Senate Russell Building in Washington DC. 
Below is an article about her and her work in the Wall Street Journal

9/11 Responders drawn by Aggie Kenny: Firemen awaiting one of their fallen comrades 3/25/02

Bill Robles painted this illustration of the NYPD and other responders rescuing in the passengers and crew of US Airways flight 1549 that landed miraculously into the Hudson River on a frigid January day.  This illustration was shown at the New York City Police Museum, 
as part of a show titled The Police in Our Community

The rescue of Flight 1549 in the Hudson River in January 2009

YouTube video link of the audio tapes released  
We're Gonna Be In The Hudson

Elizabeth Williams drew a series of illustrations about the NYPD 
for the New York City Police Museum. Sample below:
Night watch on Broad Street, after 9/11

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