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Bill Robles' first job for local CBS television in 1970 was covering the 9-month long murder trial of cult leader Charles Manson and his Family members. Robles was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal from the Los Angeles Art Directors Club for his work on that trial. He was also awarded three Broadcast Designers Association Gold Medals. In 2003 he received the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators Lifetime Achievement Award.  
In 2005, Emmy-nominated artist Bill Robles made news himself while covering the Michael Jackson trial when Jackson approached Robles about his courtroom portrait of Jackson and his attorneys. He was also interviewed by CNN's Anderson Cooper regarding his work on the Jackson trial.

Other notable court cases covered: Roman Polanski, Patty Hearst, O.J. Simpson, Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski, and James Holmes. His major clients include CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX News, Reuters and the Associated Press. He also works for various entertainment clients and was a member of the prestigious illustrators studio Group West.

Below is a selection of Bill Robles illustrations for various commercial clients
Miles Davis for music company client 

Moroccan Vendors for commercial client

John Muir Poster for Graphic Process
Private Commission Dog Portrait 

Illustration for commercial magazine 

Space Shuttle Illustration for NASA

Below is a selection of Bill Robles courtroom artwork
Michael Jackson with attorneys( note drawing that Jackson liked)
Patty Hearst in Los Angeles Court

John Delorean Pre Trial Hearing Los Angeles Federal Court

Studies of the Manson girls during trial 1970

Charles Manson in lockup ( after outburst) during trial 1970

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