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Ariel Sharon, Dies at 85, Recollections and Renditions of Sharon v Time Magazine by Aggie Kenny

From the  National Review
By Tom Gross
Former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon passed away a short time ago at the age of 85. He never recovered from the devastating stroke he suffered eight years ago, on January 4, 2006, five years after being elected prime minister...........Time magazine was one of many publications to slander Sharon, falsely claiming he ordered the 1982 the Sabra and Shatila massacre of Muslims by Christians in Beirut. Sharon successfully sued Time.
30 years ago in 1984, Aggie Kenny covered the Sharon trial that took place in Manhattan Federal Court. Below are select illustrations of the trial from beginning to verdict with news stories. 


The trial, under way in Federal District Court, focuses on Mr. Sharon's contention that a Time article falsely portrayed him as instigating the 1982 massacres of Palestinian civilians by Phalangist militiamen at two refugee camps on the outskirts of Beirut.
"In the front row of the small, crowded courtroom, the 56-year-old Mr. Sharon sat with his arms folded across his chest as Judge Abraham D. Sofaer described the libel case to the jury"
Artwork by Aggie Kenny

Kenny recalls "Ariel Sharon appeared a dominate presence in court from his first entrance to his successful verdict. His demeanor throughout was certainly that of a commanding officer. This was especially true when he took the stand in his own defense, answering questions with assurance, taking the lead in his descriptions of events. As shown in my illustration below"


Ariel Sharon, on the witness stand in Manhattan, confronted an unfamiliar battlefield. The former Israeli Defense Minister, told the jury in his libel trial against Time magazine yesterday that a strong belief in defending the truth had ''brought me here, 6,000 miles away, to this American court.''  

 Time's defense attorney, Thomas D. Barr.  "… used a screen and slides to display numerous American and Israeli news articles to the jury. He pointed out that the articles expressed strong criticism of Mr. Sharon long before the Time article appeared in February 1983." (ARNOLD H. LUBASCH, Published: November 15, 1984)

Kenny recalls  waiting for the verdict in a frigid, cavernous courtroom. The jury deliberations lasted the over a weekend in January and the courthouse had no heat.  So many wore scarves and coats. Yet Sharon was not dismayed, he showed a more affable side, chatting with reporters and artists as if hosting an intimate party, his charming wife Lili by his side.
Court Artist Richard Tomlinson with scarf during jury deliberations 1/21/1985

Ariel Sharon awaiting verdict 

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