Friday, December 6, 2013

LAX Shooting Suspect Paul Ciancia first public appearance by Bill Robles

Bail denied for LAX shooting suspect in first public appearance since deadly rampage

Observations from Bill Robles:

The hearing took place at a detention center jail facility in Rancho Cucamonga, about an hour and forty five minute drive from my home.

I was amazed at how small, thin, and young Ciancia was. Looking at him, you would never guess that he had been shot, except for a little scar on his forehead and cheek. Regarding the thing around his neck, nobody seemed to know, but some guessed it might have been a breathing device.

The 11:00 AM hearing was in a very small conference-room with marshals, the judge, an NBC and AP reporter and me in attendance.

The hearing was very short, giving me just enough time
get this one drawing.

Bill Robles was also interviewed on the local NBC news station. Here is the link to the interview

Paul Ciancia first appearance by Bill Robles

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