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Raymond Donovan Trial Opens, October 5th 1986

Donovan Jury,  March 1987 by Elizabeth Williams

27 Years ago From the New York Times:
October 5, 1986
Spectators in State Supreme Court in the Bronx last week heard a prosecutor at center stage describe Raymond J. Donovan, the former Secretary of Labor, as a participant in a larcenous scheme based on ''greed - plain and simple.'' Stage right, they heard defense counsel describe the case as a ''phantom'' and the 56-year-old defendant as a man who was orphaned in his teens, gave up studying for the priesthood to support five younger brothers and sisters, made good in the construction business and went on to do good by anonymously financing 60 minority students in a private high school.
Donovan wide shot by Aggie Kenny
Raymond Donovan far right, Ted Wells seated far left. Judge John Collins presiding
In the end Raymond Donovan was acquitted,
Donovan's famous quote
"Which office do I go to to get my reputation back " is well remembered,
The trial went on for many months had all sorts of snags, and twists.
Juror #4 went nuts during deliberations causing a possible mistrial.
Donovan juror story
The defendants ranged from Raymond Donovan, former Secretary of Labor under President Reagan to William Masselli a suspected associate of the Genovese Crime Family.
It was one of the longest criminal prosecutions in the Bronx and several  famous attorneys defending the case, Ted Wells and Raymond Brown have become super-stars in the legal field.

Interesting note regarding the illustrations, 
in the Kenny wide shot, the small figure in the back row, right, with green shirt and pony tail, is Elizabeth Williams, drawing the jury picture that is above.

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