Wednesday, May 22, 2013


One year ago during the Rajat Gupta trial, the first witness took the stand, and this witness below, was the first post of the blog. This post has been one of the most popular post in the last year with hundreds of unique views. The blog has had over 8000 hits/views and it is found on the first page of many Google Image searches.
Happy birthday Illustrated Courtroom!
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The first post below:

Gupta Trial Day 2 Synopsis

Raj Personal Assistant (former party planner) witness Caryn Eisenberg
on direct examination by  AUSA Reed Brodsky

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Second Witness
Ananth Muniyappa Galleon trader who bought the Goldman stock for Rajaratnam. He was quite a contrast to the previous witness Caryn Eisenberg, who came to court dressed to the 9's. He was very slight and wore an open collared shirt, no tie.

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