Thursday, April 4, 2013


Rarely in court do we have a chance to draw the FBI agent in charge of an investigation (unless they are on the stand).  But on Tuesday given the view I had, Agent Holmes was squarely in the picture. Ended up it was an interesting visual contrast. The agent who brought these guys down was front and center though rarely if ever mentioned in the press, even if his name is at the top of the complaint.

Special Agent Thomas Holmes, defense lawyer Dennis Ring, Council-member Daniel Halloran
in White Plains Federal Court
The New York Times  had an  op-ed piece on the Smith/Halloran corruption scandal.
New York Times editorial
NYT reporters Mike Wilson and Willie Rashbaum wrote a superb article outlining the scandal.
Wilson/Rashbaum story
Julie Shapiro of DNAinfo wrote a Who's Who of  Smith/Halloran scandal
Julie Shapiro DNAinfo story
Capital New York had a selection of the various media takes on the scandal.
Capital New York Link

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