Thursday, January 10, 2013


Today the James Holmes pre trial hearing ended in Colorado. Bill Robles has been covering the case since
the story first broke. Here is his latest image of Holmes in handcuffs seated at the defense table. Bill said Holmes was cuffed the whole time, during the hearing, the cuffs were attached to a long chain, like a long U shape, that was visible when he stood.
The judge just ruled that Holmes will stand trial. 
The latest story: HOLMES TO FACE TRIAL

Below is a story about the case.

Below is one of the earlier images that Bill drew from the case, when Holmes had a big head of red hair. Now his hair is cropped and he has a visible beard.

Recently Buzz Feed did an article on Bill Robles:  Link:   Buzz Feed Bill Robles
and upcoming mini doc on his work will be on YouTube. 

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