Thursday, December 20, 2012


Peter Madoff speaking during sentencing 

Today Peter Madoff was sentenced in Manhattan Federal Court by Judge Laura Taylor Swaine. There were some gasps in the courtroom, when Madoff was only sentenced to the agreed upon 10 years and allowed to stay out for prison until February 2013. This was unlike his brother who was immediately put in prison once he pleaded guilty.  Madoff stood and made a brief statement about his remorse, then sat down.

Victim Amy Luria speaking during hearing with Madoff and lawyer John Wing

Victim Amy Luria spoke about Peter Madoff's misdeeds and gave an impassioned speech of how destitute her family is now, due to the scam and the loss of their money.  Madoff would glance over to her with an incredulous look. During the hearing he would look up to the sky and down at the floor, clinch his jaw, he seemed to be grappling with his fate. 

It was almost 4 years since his brother confessed running the largest Ponzi scheme in history. Bernard Madoff appeared almost resigned to his fate not showing the same expressions of concern as his brother, Peter. 

Finally the judge sentenced him to the 10 years and agreed to make a recommendation that they place him in the Otisville prison.

The NYT reporter Diana Henriques sat next to me, these images were pretty much her view. Except we were all challenged by the computer monitor on the desk and had to lean left and right to see him throughout the hearing. Note the monitor above.

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