Thursday, May 29, 2014

DAILY BEAST FEATURES Celebrities in Court: 50 Years of Courtroom Illustrations

Article by Justin Jones of the Daily Beast

From Charles Manson to O.J, Michael Jackson to the Son of Sam, the drawings of courtroom artists capture the most dramatic, and sometimes the most moving and fleeting, images of the biggest trials of modern times.
In 1970, Charles Manson was tried in a Los Angeles courtroom for the murder of actress Sharon Tate, then eight months pregnant, and six other women. With no photographers allowed, the public relied on the words of reporters, describing the gruesome details and decisions held within the sanctified walls. For the really theatrical moments, however, the action was conveyed in illustrations by a group of courtroom artists capturing the drama the world may have never seen.


Charles Manson, 1970
Charles Manson holding up the LA Times that almost caused a mistrial by Bill Robles 1970

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Memorial Day is so much more than the backyard barbeque. It is a day when we honor those who have served our county. Below are images from the artists in the Illustrated Courtroom book, who
over the years have drawn various MOS:  Military, FDNY, NYPD.

 Howard Brodie drew countless war scenes for Yank Magazine and served in WW2. 
Many of his war drawings are in the Library of Congress.
Howard was also the subject of a great documentary about war artists titled They Drew Fire.
Below is a link about Howard and the PBS film.

Howard Brodie drawing of Guadalcanal  from the Library of Congress

Aggie Kenny drew 9/11 Responders searching for victims at Ground Zero in the months after the attack on the World Trade Centers. Her artwork was shown at the New York City Police Museum, and traveled to the US Senate Russell Building in Washington DC. 
Below is an article about her and her work in the Wall Street Journal

9/11 Responders drawn by Aggie Kenny: Firemen awaiting one of their fallen comrades 3/25/02

Bill Robles painted this illustration of the NYPD and other responders rescuing in the passengers and crew of US Airways flight 1549 that landed miraculously into the Hudson River on a frigid January day.  This illustration was shown at the New York City Police Museum, 
as part of a show titled The Police in Our Community

The rescue of Flight 1549 in the Hudson River in January 2009

YouTube video link of the audio tapes released  
We're Gonna Be In The Hudson

Elizabeth Williams drew a series of illustrations about the NYPD 
for the New York City Police Museum. Sample below:
Night watch on Broad Street, after 9/11

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Trailer For Dominique Strauss-Kahn Movie: Welcome To New York With Gerard Depardieu

Watch: Very NSFW Trailer For Abel Ferreras Dominique Strauss-Kahn Movie Welcome To New York With Gerard Depardieu|The Playlist

From the AFP story link:

It's the talk of the town. Abel Ferrara's highly-anticipated movie inspired by the sordid sex scandal that brought down IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn got its world premiere Saturday in Cannes.
Far from being shown in one of the big, plush theatres in the festival hall, the film starring Gerard Depardieu as a man with striking similarities to "DSK", whose alleged 2011 sexual assault on a New York hotel maid shook the world, was screened in a small, local cinema.
"Do you know who I am?" reads the poster advertising the film "Welcome to New York", as a handcuffed, suited man seen from behind faces flashing photographers with the gleaming lights of New York in the background.

Artist note:
Almost exactly three years ago on a Sunday just like this, I received a call from my assignment editor at CNBC telling me to get to the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse asap. The head of the IMF Dominique Strauss Kahn, had been arrested for sexually assaulting a hotel maid. This, like other stories I've covered like Bernie Madoff, sounded crazy.  We waited for over 12 hours in the criminal court arraignment part, and finally at about 10pm we were told the arraignment of DSK would take place the following day.
The following day, he was arraigned in a packed courtroom and I caught this scene of him awaiting his processing sitting with  the other inmates.
DSK Awaiting arraignment with inmates.
Then on Thursday his wife, Anne Sinclair arrived for a bail hearing in front of Judge Obus upstairs in the supreme court part of the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse. During the hearing Sinclair looked in utter shock. As DSK turned around to look at his wife and daughter, the daughter smiled, the wife, holding hands w her daughter, stared straight ahead.  He was finally granted bail and took up residence in a Tribeca townhouse with his wife. Eventually charges were dropped and he went back to Paris.

The initial hearing when Ann Sinclair and daughter came into court, this hearing is highlighted in the recent courtroom art book, The Illustrated Courtroom.

The drawing to the left in process, while DSK walks by the artist, going back into the lock-up during a courtroom recess

The photo by Richard Drew of the AP, reproduced on the front page of the New York Times business section