Saturday, June 30, 2012


Almost a year to the date of his arrest Dominique Strauss-Kahn and his wife have separated.
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This drawing was of his formal arraignment .It was surprising to see Anne Sinclair in such a short skirt with
red soled Christain Louboutin shoes, which were part of a legal battle as well, at the time.

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She looked surprisingly young and much younger than DSK; actually she was a bit older.

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This is a great book for those who are interested in this case. Lots of images, photos and interviews of those who were involved.


Today in Manhattan Federal Court Peter Madoff the younger brother of Bernard Madoff pled guilty.

Peter Madoff Plea
Madoff swearing to truth of his statement
with his attorney John Wing, who had a broken arm.

His demeanor changed during the hearing from somewhat agitated to what appeared weepy and remorseful.
Peter Madoff is out on a 5M dollar bail until sentencing. He was lucky that his fate was unlike his brother, who when he pleaded guilty was cuffed and sent off to prison. There is a door on the side of the courtroom that leads to a holding cell and that is where Bernard Madoff began his 150 year jail sentence.

Youtube video of the Bernard Madoff plea and others

Peter Madoff after reading statement  to Judge Swain by Elizabeth Williams

Judge Laura Taylor Swain took the plea and was very careful to explain to Mr Madoff the rights he would give up by pleading guilty. She set the sentence date for October 4th.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ADAM SMITH SENTENCED Rajaratnam trial co-operating witness

Today star witness at the Rajaratnam Trial, Adam Smith was sentenced by Judge Jed Rakoff, who 
just presided over the Rajat Gupta trial. Smith was sentenced to two years probation and ordered to pay $105,300 for his participation in an insider trading scheme that helped Rajaratnam and his cohorts. 
Below is an illustration of him on direct examination by AUSA Andrew Michaelson at the Rajaratnam insider trading trial. He testified that after Raj was arrested he drove to his country house and disposed of his lap-top. It was surprising to see a person with such an educational pedigree admit to such things including giving tips and inside information to Rajaratnam on a regular basis.
On the board to the left of Smith there is an image of Rajat Gupta, a visual foretelling of the resulting indictment and conviction of Gupta.

Adam Smith testifying at the Rajaratnam Insider Trading Trial  April 2011 by Elizabeth Williams

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Monday, June 25, 2012


Bill Robles illustrated the entire trial of Michael Jackson
Here is his illustrated tribute to Jackson who died 3 years ago today.
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Also this is an article about Bill Robles work on the Jackson trial in USA today

Below is a collection of artwork by Bill Robles, who has covered famous trials since 1970


Now that Jerry Sandusky has been found guilty his lawyers are raising issues of timing of the trial for their appeal.
The AP reports: Jerry Sandusky's lawyers said they tried to quit at the start of jury selection in his child sex abuse trial because they weren't given enough time to prepare, raising an argument on the trial's speed that could become the thrust of an appeal.
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Seated are Karl Rominger and Jerry Sandusky at the end of the trial. Sandusky had a noticeable smirk on his face throughout the trial, especially when the prosecution gave it's closing statement.( artwork by Aggie Kenny)

Now it turns out that the  Penn State administration decided against contacting authorities and keeping the McCreary accusations in-house after talking to Paterno.
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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Jerry Sandusky and his lawyer stand as verdict is read by Aggie Kenny
After two read backs of  testimony today, including Mike Mc Creary, the jury reached a verdict Saturday night around 9:30pm by, about 10:15pm  the verdict was read. Sandusky  was found guilty on 45 of the 48 counts. The New York Times news alert read:     Friday, June 22, 2012 10:22 PM

Breaking News: Sandusky Is Found Guilty on 45 of 48 Counts in Child Sexual Abuse Case

Keeping his hands in his pockets as the guilty verdicts were read, Sandusky showed a nonchalance
that belied his obvious disbelief.

Friday, June 22, 2012

SANDSUKY TRIAL Closing statements, jury watch

Judge Cleland Charging Jury
Yesterday closing statements at the Sandusky trial were finished in the morning and the jury got the case before lunch.
Victims with family watching and listening to closing statements

During closings, victim #4  sat across the aisle from court artist Aggie Kenny, a fresh faced, handsome young man, listening intently with face muscles and legs twitching.

After the jury had their lunch,  the press and some lawyers sat around the courtroom awaiting a verdict until almost 9pm at night.  Sandusky and his team left,  the thought that there would not be a verdict immediately. The jury will deliberate over the weekend  and the press will be waiting. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SANDUSKY TRIAL Defense rests

Two former Seven Mile participants David Hilton and Chad Rexrode
testified that Sandusky did not abuse them.  Then the defense rested without calling Sandusky.

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The ghost of Joe Paterno hangs over the town of Bellefonte where the trial is taking place. In a local shop window there was a sign for Joe Paterno memorabilia.

Now it turns out that the University decided against contacting authorities and keeping the accusations in-house after talking to Paterno.
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SANDUSKY TRIAL Defense~Sandusky's wife Dottie testifies

Dottie the wife of Jerry Sandusky testified on her husband's behalf.

"She also told jurors about her life with Jerry Sandusky, how he worked long hours while devoting his life to The Second Mile, the charity for troubled youths where prosecutors say he found his victims" AP reports 
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Also of note,  the presence of sharpshooters on top of buildings across the street from the courthouse.
Though no confirmation why or what they are doing there, it adds to the unsettling feeling around this trial.

Monday, June 18, 2012

SANDUSKY TRIAL Prosecution rests

Artist Aggie Kenny has been covering this trial and her images and text below.

Sandusky prosecution rests, 6/18/2012

The mother of one of 10 boys allegedly molested by Sandusky took the stand today. In emotional testimony she described insisting her son accompany Sandusky on many occasions despite his protestations. Her heavy breathing gave way to sobs as she covered her face. She was a  poor woman but a smart woman and full of grief.

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 Prosecuting attorney Frank Fina successfully countered most of defense attorney Karl Rominger's motions to drop more than 20 of the 51 charges.
The courtroom in the Bellefonte Pa courthouse is a large beautiful room, painted white, dotted with windows with deep red curtains and painted portraits. There is a very large decorative medallion in the ceiling. 
It's beauty is an odd contrast to such a lurid trial.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Very emotional reaction by the family. They have attended the trial almost every day. The wife put her head on the rail and the girls wept and sobbed holding each other. Gupta sat stoically as the guilty charges were read.

After the jury and the judge left the bench, Gupta went over to his family and consoled them with a hug.
As I saw the jurors walk out of the courtroom,  some of them had tears in their eyes and I even heard  a few sniffles from the press section.
Very different from the Rajaratnam verdict, the Raj jury was out for twelve days, his family never came to court and Raj showed little emotion when the verdict was read.

Here is the YouTube video that contains the Rajartnam trial pictures, from start to finish.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

GUPTA TRIAL Jury Deliberations Day One

Judge Rakoff gave the jury their instructions first thing in the morning and then they deliberated for the rest of the  day. The jury picked their foreman and then sent a few substantive notes to the judge in the afternoon. One  note asked for clarification on the count of conspiracy and the other was for parts of Michael Cardillo's testimony.
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After the notes were sent out, the lawyers got to work on finding the documents, the defense appeared somewhat nervous.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

GUPTA TRIAL DAY FIFTEEN Daughter takes the stand Defense rests

Today the defense finished their presentation.  There was argument over how much and what Geetanjali Gupta, the defendant's daughter could testify on the stand. So the judge proceeded carefully and at times would restate and ask her certain questions while on direct examination. 

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Also an amusing back and forth between the judge and the lawyers took place while they were going over a transcript of a tape to play for the jury. Mr Naftalis said to Judge Rakoff,  "for once your honor we are in agreement" and the judge replied "therefore I need a Valium".  The tensions have risen  between the lawyers on this case, both excellent in presenting their cases and both a strong advocates for their side. But at times the judge has had to control their disagreements. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

SANDUSKY TRIAL Openings and first witness

Artwork by Aggie Kenny 

Opening statements at the Jerry Sandusky trial in Bellefonte Pa.  On the wall was a photo of victim #4, who was the first victim to testify in the case.

Victim 4 took the stand first, on the screen victim #4 as a child with Sandusky's hand on his shoulder

Sunday, June 10, 2012

GUPTA TRIAL Gupta staying at the defense table, not taking the stand

Late Sunday the press was notified  that Rajat Gupta will not be taking the stand. So he will stay seated at the defense table for the remainder of the trial.   During the trial his family has been sitting behind him. His wife and daughters have attended every day of the trial. They have been a noticeable presence in court.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

GUPTA TRIAL DAY THIRTEEN Prosecution Rests, Defense Begins

Today after Lloyd Blankfein took the stand and the prosecution presented some records they rested their case.
Then the defense began and  put on the stand two witnesses one a very quick character witness and then a taped deposition of a Berkshire Hathaway exec who knew Gupta. Gupta told him about Raj scamming him out of his investment in a Galleon fund.
We also learned at the end of the day , that Rajat Gupta is likely to take the stand in his defense. The judge  mentioned it in an off hand manor while discussing some details of the case with the lawyers after the jury had left. The courtroom was pretty empty and I could not believe what I heard,  then he said it again. So I turned around and checked with the reporter sitting behind me and he nodded, yes. It was quite a surprise.
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Rajat Gupta Defense Begins

Thursday, June 7, 2012

GUPTA TRIAL DAY TWELVE Lloyd Blankfein day 2

Lloyd Blankfein continued his testimony this afternoon. However before he  answered no more than a few questions a legal issue came up and the judge called a side bar. This side bar lasted almost 15 minutes and Mr Blankfein had to sit on the stand with the audience looking at him for the entire time. It was awkward to say the least, and I noticed he was fidgeting again. I thought it would be good practice to draw and study his moves. This is the little drawing.

Finally when the judge made his ruling, the testimony  began again; the prosecutor Reed Brodsky began his line of questions. Blankfein became more focused and easier to draw.
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


The Law Student and the Judge
Judge Rakoff is well regarded and has a fan in the courtroom. We learned today that a  Cardozo law student, who has attended almost every day of the trial, wrote some letters to the judge about his rulings. To avoid any impropriety he  called her to the side bar with the lawyers and told her she could not communicate with him. This all came out later when she had a little press conference outside the courthouse. Nothing was said about it in open court, it was all handled by the judge at the bench conference.
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Side Bars
I wanted to draw a side bar and this especially long one afforded me that opportunity. Many legal issues have been taken up at bench conferences out of ear shot of the jury.
It has been a notable occurrence at this trial.
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Monday, June 4, 2012

GUPTA TRIAL DAY TEN Kumar and Blankfein

Anil Kumar and Lloyd Blankfein took the stand today.

In the afternoon Lloyd Blankfein took the stand. Interesting little detail about Blankfein, while the lawyers were conferring with the judge at a side bar, he found a little rubber band and I noticed him playing with it .  So I got that in a drawing. He noticed I was drawing him fidgeting and put his hand down with the rubber band, and smiled.

 Anil Kumar finished up his testimony and Blankfein began his. Gary Naftalis crossed Kumar for about 2 hours. No taped conversations were played in comparison to the testimony that Kumar gave at Rajaratnam trial, which amounted to quite a few tapes being played and probably sealing Rajaratnam's fate.

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Friday, June 1, 2012


Anil Kumar star witness from Rajaratnam trial on the stand. He was very engaged with the jury or maybe he was trying to avoid having eye contact with Gupta.
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Heather Webster from JP Morgan asset management on the stand.
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