Friday, June 28, 2013

Just Like ‘Weeds’? Scarsdale Mom Andrea Sanderlin Lived Suburban Life While Allegedly Running A Marijuana Grow Operation [PHOTO]

Just Like ‘Weeds’? Scarsdale Mom Andrea Sanderlin Lived Suburban Life While Allegedly Running A Marijuana Grow Operation [PHOTO]

Court Illustration by Elizabeth Williams of Andrea Sanderlin flanked by her attorneys Joel and Corey Winograd, far left is AUSA David Pitluck, in the rear is the US Marshal.
In Brooklyn Federal Court they still wear shirts with the Marshal's seal. But in Manhattan Federal, their uniform is jacket and tie, which makes it hard to discern sometimes, who is who.

Sanderlin came to court, not a bit of make up, in drab prison garb, flushed face, with her blonde hair at times almost covering the entire side of her face. Good thing we could get a glimpse of her when she moved a bit.  Then it was over and she was gone. 

ILLUSTRATED COURTROOM: U.S. Supreme Court Questions Federal Gay-Marriage ...

We posted this last March and included an illustration of Greg Stohr by Aggie Kenny.
Here is the latest Greg Stohr article, with video of David Boies.
Supreme Court DOMA ruling by Greg Stohr
Bloomberg reporter Greg Stohr in the SCOTUS press room 

ILLUSTRATED COURTROOM: U.S. Supreme Court Questions Federal Gay-Marriage ...: Today in Washington DC the US Supreme Court heard arguments about   challenges to the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA...

Monday, June 24, 2013

Raj Rajaratnam Insider Trading Conviction Upheld By U.S. Appeals Court in Manhattan

Today the US Appellate Court upheld the conviction of Raj Rajaratnam. Below are select images from the trial  and a link to a YouTube video:   Rajaratnam trial YouTube video

Below is the story by International Business Times
Court drawing of jury that found Rajaratnam guilty 
Key witness against Rajaratnam, Harvard biz school grad, Adam Smith on direct examination
by AUSA Andrew Michaelson

Court art of Raj Rajaratnam during trial with his lead defense attorney John Dowd

Thursday, June 20, 2013

APPLE eBOOK Anti-Trust Trial: Summations to Judge Cote

Today the lawyers gave their summations in the US v Apple eBook anti-trust trial.
First Orin Snyder, who is the lead attorney for Apple,  gave his summation  to Judge Cote.
At the end of his presentation, an Apple iPad animation appeared on the screen with the final words from 
his summation, in the form of an eBook. The pages turned as he spoke his final words
showing off the page curl feature of the eBook. The judge took note, as did everyone else:-)

Story by Fortune reporter Philip Elmer-Dewitt

Also Publishers Weekly just published an eBook in the eBook trial and how the major publishers and Apple managed to change how eBook pricing was set for a period of time.
The Battle of the $9.99 eBook
Apple Atty Orin Snyder giving his summation to Judge Denise Cote
Mark Ryan giving closing statement to Judge Denise Cote
Then after Apple's atty gave his summation, the DOJ atty Mark Ryan spoke. Judge Cote was very attentive to both arguments and asked questions of both attorneys.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

APPLE eBOOK Anti-Trust Trial: Eddy Cue and Judge Cote, final questions

Monday afternoon, at the US v Apple anti trust trial, the questioning of Eddy Cue was completed by Judge Cote. She was particularly curious about the 5 draft emails written by Steve Jobs, but never sent to Mr Cue. 
Mr Cue did his best to answer the judges questions. Then once he was off the stand the government rested their case.
Here is the complete story  by Philip Elmer-Dewitt
US v Apple story by Philip Elmer-Dewitt of Fortune magazine

Judge Denise Cote questions senior VP of Apple Eddy Cue about 5 draft emails written by Steve Jobs

After the all the evidence was presented and both sides rested, the judge gave an indication that her position
may be shifting.
Publishers Weekly story by Andrew Albanese
Publishers Weekly Apple trial story

Monday, June 17, 2013

APPLE eBOOK Anti-Trust Trial Eddy Cue, continued

Today was the second and last day of Eddy Cue's testimony at the Apple trial in Manhattan federal court.
After the lawyers were done questioning Mr Cue then Judge Denise Cote got her chance. He finally finished around 4:30 pm. At that point the government rested their case. Closing statements are on Thursday.
Here is a link to today's story by Philip Elmer-Dewitt of Fortune Magazine.
Fortune CNN Money story by Elmer-Dewitt
Publishers Weekly story by Calvin Reid
Publishers Weekly story
Eddy Cue, Apple VP on stand w Judge Denise Cote,
Manhattan Federal Court
Artwork was drawn for Bloomberg TV.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

APPLE eBOOK Anti-Trust Trial Eddy Cue, Cross and Redirect

Wide Shot Eddy Cue, VP of Apple on the stand 
DOJ Attorney Lawrence Buterman cross examining Mr Cue  
Today at the Apple trial VP Eddy Cue( the architect of the Apple eBooks) took the stand.
Here is the latest trial story link
Bloomberg Eddy Cue story

Also few other interesting details emerged like

  • Apple thought that half of Amazon's E book count,( 200K books) were self published, I thought that was amazing showing the power of self publishing today.
  • A student, Sethh Humphrey emailed Apple/Steve Jobs chiding him for the increase in prices of eBooks and Jobs actually replied, another detail I thought pretty amazing.
  • Eddy Cue when asked (in a lighter moment)  if he had a picture of a board meeting, he replied "no pictures of  board meetings, just like the courtroom". The court reporter who was facing me looked up and smiled, I smiled back. Yes, there are pictures in federal court, just not photos:) yet.

Apple attorney Orin Snyder from Gibson Dunn, questioning Mr Cue,
lawyers are seated in the jury box,
because this is a bench trial 


Whitey Bulger by Bill Robles
Bill Robles did this drawing of Whitey Bulger and his girlfriend after they were arrested  in Santa Monica Ca. 
James "Whitey" Bulger, the alleged mob boss and Top Ten Fugitive who had been on the run since the mid-'90s, was arrested almost 2 years ago June 2011, at the Princess Eugenia apartment complex in Santa Monica. His longtime companion, Catherine Greig, was also arrested.

Yesterday the trial began in Boston, with his brother, William former president of the Mass State Senate attending the trial. The trial is expected to last 3 months.
Here is an expert from the Washington post story by Michael Rosenwald, 

BOSTON — James “Whitey” Bul­ger is an old man now. He is 83.
He wears reading glasses. His hair is pure white, but not much remains. And when he stood up in a federal courtroom Wednesday morning to finally face the music, to stand trial for a lifetime of gangster crimes, he rose slowly, no longer the menacing Irish mob boss who allegedly scratched out 19 lives while the FBI looked the other way.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


ILLUSTRATED COURTROOM: RENGAN RAJARATNAM: left to right: AUSA David Massey, defense lawyer Vingo Varghese, defendant Rengan Rajaratnam  Today Raj Rajaratnam's brother was arr...

Update to this story,
appears that Rengan Rajaratnam now may be playing a role in the SAC capital investigation,
New York Times story link

Friday, June 7, 2013

Richard Ramirez, known as 'Night Stalker' California serial killer, dies

Bill Robles covered the Night Stalker case which terrified Los Angeles residents for several years and was one of the most grisly, horrifying cases in LA history.
This drawing was always one of Bill's favorites, which shows that no matter the subject, producing a good drawing is key.
Story link below
 Newsday Story on Ramirez death